the WindCheck process

Starting with the large scale NARR data set, the WindCheck process first carries out an analysis of the medium scale geographic and topographic features in the vicinity of a small wind project. These features, like the presence of substantial terrain or bodies of water, may be below the NARR's 32 km resolution but still have a significant impact on the wind resource available for a small wind project.

The second step is to conduct an even more detailed analysis of the specific site under consideration. This analysis looks at the small scale features that are unique to each proposed small wind site, including surrounding land usage, vegetation, buildings, and other structures. These factors all have a major effect on the suitability of small wind at a particular location and can often render a site unworkable, despite the presence of strong winds.

The third and final step is to conduct a basic economic analysis, combining the NARR data set, the medium scale geographic-topographic analysis, and the small scale site specific analysis with industry average energy generation and cost factors. Using all of these calculations, WindCheck generates a Preliminary Project Assessment that provides a well-researched, scientifically rigorous, and highly functional analysis to prospective small wind owners. Priced at $195, the Preliminary Project Assessment provides the prospective small wind owner with a quick, affordable, and high quality initial look at whether wind power is a realistic option for them.

If the Preliminary Project Assessment indicates that small wind is a viable option, will work with a local wind site assessor who will visit the project site to professionally review and document the site conditions in more depth. This specialized on-site evaluation allows a far more detailed and accurate estimate of the surrounding conditions and the costs associated with the installation of a small wind project. Based on these updated inputs, will re-run its WindCheck process and generate an Advanced Project Assessment for an additional fee of $125 (wind site assessor fees are handled separately).

See a sample WindCheck report.