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Interest and activity in small wind are as high as they have ever beeen, as more and more Americans look for energy independence and turn to small wind as an affordable and clean source of renewable energy.

In response to that interest, the small wind industry has made impressive progress in recent years to expand offerings, improve quality, certify systems, and provide consumers with better and more reliable products and services. helps consumers sift through the maze of data and information that's out there - providing links to the industry's most important products and services and answering the three questions that should start any small wind project:

     - How windy is it in my area?
     - How well does my specific site work?
     - How will my project pay off?

Our WindCheck products are specifically designed to answer those questions, help you make the most informed decision, and then be comfortable with that decision. Along the way, you'll get access to the latest information about small wind, including tools, references, news, and more. 

Good luck with your small wind project, and we look forward to working with you.